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At INVO-BIZ , we focus on back end services as intently as you focus on your core business. INVO-BIZ people has developed a range of tools, proven to deliver quality results and improve our client’s competitiveness.

HR Outsourcing

To meet temporary staffing needs, across all levels that would help them to maintain and carry out their business effectively. INVO-BIZ people provides the due support to the clients by providing staff as per the required skill sets.

With the requirements & specifications provided by the client INVO_BIZ people develops the recruitment strategy and works with the client and the candidates to meet all the staffing requirements as per mutually agreed project schedule.

Payroll Services

Increasingly, organizations are becoming concerned that their payroll administration is costing them more than it should. With ever-changing legislation and a more fluid workforce, it is becoming harder to maintain accuracy and service levels at a reasonable cost. Our solutions enable customers to reduce their payroll administration burden and improve service levels. Whether it’s software or outsourcing, they can be supplied as payroll-only services or as part of a wider payroll and HR package. Because we specialize in payroll and HR services, and because we supply outsourcing resources, we can develop an individual package for the clients.


  • Permanent staffing solution :
  • Our validated training, technology and assessment suites have allowed us to develop a market leading reputation for quality. Getting the right candidate at the right time is every manager’s dream. INVO-BIZ people works towards achieving this dream for you. We have a very robust and effective methodology of fulfilling this dream.

  • Temporary staffing solution :
  • Temporary staffing solution, though an accepted practice in the developed world is fast catching up in India. This provides for a flexible, cost effective and a quick solution for your staffing needs.

    INVO-BIZ people has been successful in providing a team of specialized people who, on a daily or contract basis, take over the responsibility of a particular department or functions within the organization. The client retains complete control over the area and the contractor’s activities, but is freed from administrative and corporate commitment and high costs.

  • Contract Staff:
  • There are many times when a company is unsure whether the workload requires a full-time person. They may be venturing into a new area and have not completely decided what skill set is needed. In some cases, they are dealing with a demanding user group and require time to evaluate the situation. We can provide clients with an employee on a contract basis. The client retains complete control over the area and the contractor’s activities, thus freeing them from the administrative and corporate commitment. Our clients often hire a person on a contract basis and later decide to hire them as a permanent employee. In these cases we will charge the company a "percentage only" of the full placement fee.

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